What is the Diploma Program of Cecilian Academy of Sacred Music about?

The Diploma Program is an advanced level of Cecilian Academy of Sacred Music designed to develop professional musical skills in any instruments of choice, and integrate them with music leadership for worship in churches and other settings.

The program is intended to train, equip and certify Catholic Musicians, choristers and choirmasters, and all lovers of music as music directors of catholic churches, schools, seminaries and convents with relevant musical, pastoral and theological qualifications and experiences. Successful participants who intend to study sacred music for the above reasons or for other intent purposes of study graduate with a Diploma certificate in Sacred Music, (DSM).

This advanced program would no doubt promote church music in catholic churches to a greater development within the Archdiocese of Lagos and beyond. In addition, our Archdiocese of Lagos through this program would be known as a citadel apostolate of church music

Who runs the Diploma Program in Cecilian Academy of Sacred Music?

The Diploma program is coordinated by Rev. Fr. Peter Osuntope, the Director of Lagos Archdiocesan Music Commission (LAMCOM) in conjunction with the Lagos Archdiocesan Catholic Association of Musicians and Musicologists (LACAM) – the teaching arm of LAMCOM.

When is the Diploma Program commencing

The Diploma Program would fully commence in January 2018.The entrance examinations into the Diploma program would hold in November 2017.To ensure prospective participants are able to pass theentrance examinations, hence, the need for preparatory classes.
Preparatory Classes commence in August 2017 with 3 months of intensive lectures covering graded studies in Music Theory and Practicals in Voice and Keyboards (Organ/Piano). Within the period of three months, there would be twelve lessons. It is a lesson of two hours in a week for twelve consecutive weeks. Lessons are taken in the centers below on Saturdays from 10am to 12 noon. There are considerations for Sunday evenings between 3pm and 5pm especially for Ikeja and Lekki centers. This arrangement would depend on the number of interested participants for Sunday evenings.

Does the cost cover for the Materials or would Participants pay for them

The cost fee of 15,000 naira for the preparation classes does not cover for the materials. Kindly confer the answer to question 10. However, LAMCOM would pay for the cost materials only for the music theory for each participant provided the participants are LAMCOM members. These would include parish choirmasters and choristers.

Are there other conditions to prequalify me for the Diploma program

●The ability to read and write is a necessary pre-qualifier. A Senior Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent is a required minimum.
●Candidates must be Catholics.
●Prospective participants must sit and obtain the required pass in the admission examination.

Can I sit for the Admission Examinations without attending the Preparatory Classes

Yes. As long as you possess the skill-set that meet a Grade 5 equivalent in Music Theory and Practice.
However, attending the Preparatory Classes would help to sharpen your skills, provide you a team if co-learners and afford you an opportunity to meet some of the members of the Faculty firsthand.

Is the diploma program the same as Cecilian Academy of Sacred music run by Rev. Fr.Michael Okonkwo, Or are there two different programs of Cecilian Academy of Sacred Music

Kindly Clarify. There are two different programs of Cecilian Academy of Sacred Music. The first program is known as Foundational Program for choristers and music lovers who have no knowledge in music whatsoever and are intending to develop their musical skills with foundational rudiments inmusic theory, basic piano, orchestra and church music etc. This foundational program is directed by Rev. Fr. Michael Okonkwo. Kindly confer the Archbishop’s circular for more details no 9(i) or the website www.cecilianacademyng.com. The entrance examination for this foundational program comes up on July 29th 2017. The other program is called the Diploma Program that would commence in January 2018 with entrance exams in November 2017 and preparatory classes in August – October 2017.
As said earlier, the diploma program is an advanced program of Cecilian Academy of Sacred Music. Kindly confer the Archbishop’s circular no 9 (ii). The diploma program is the reason for this frequently asked questions designed to enlighten you more about the need for your interest in this program. Participants who graduate from the foundational program are expected to further in the Diploma Program to enable them qualify as music directors of churches or schools.

Tell me more about the Diploma Program itself. How long is the Diploma Program

The Diploma Program is for two years of four semesters each on part time basis. However, it could be extended to three years of flexibility for participants with tight or work schedules. A semester is three months duration and four semesters make one year of part time studies. The Diploma program is a minimum of 8 semesters of two years duration, but could be extended to twelve (12) semesters of three years of flexibility. Participants are free to defer a semester into another year of convenience or even choose lesser courses in a semester to cover for more than eight (8) semesters due to their work schedules or other conditions. More details about the duration would soon be made available.

What Courses are offered in the Diploma Program

Participants who intend to study an advanced level of sacred music program as music directors in churches or for other intentions would receive a diploma certificate in sacred music (DSM). For such participants, the courses would be offered in Music, Theology, Bible, and Pastoral fields.
Areas of specialty or major instruments shall include any one of the following:
a. Keyboard (Organ/ Piano) b. Composition c. Voice d. Choral Conducting.
The following required and elective courses are to be offered: Old Testament, New Testament, History of Christianity, Introduction to Worship or liturgy, Gregorian chants, Songs of the Church, History of Sacred Music, Song leadership in worship, Introduction to Theology, Applied Performance I & II in chosen area of music specialty above, Choral Conducting I & II, Choral/World Music Ensemble, Music Education, African Music, Performance Studies, and Practicum with Integrative Project.
a.Participants shall be required to undergo three to six-months pastoral musical assignment in selected Parishes in the Archdiocese of Lagos as part of the requirements to the conferment of a Diploma in Sacred Music.
b.The process for the accreditation of the Diploma certificate by the National Examinations Board is underway.
c.LAMCOM has secured 4 plots of land in the Sangotedo area along Lekki-Ajah axis for the permanent site of the Academy.
d.In the interim, the Diploma School of the Cecilian Academy shall operate from approved satellite campuses in the regions within the Archdiocese.
e.Participants would also be able to write other professional music examinations for instance ABRSM, Trinity exams to qualify them beyond church settings.

After the Diploma Program, what is next? Are there other stages or benefits

Participants who graduate from the diploma program would be able to apply as music directors in parishes, schools, and religious institutions. Others who wish to further their musical studies would have the benefit to proceed for their direct entry and most likely year two for music degree in the universities. Plans and negotiations would soon commence with the University of Lagos, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and Augustine University. Opportunities to study Masters of Sacred Music in Emmanuel College of Victoria University Toronto Canada, especially for participants who are already degree graduates, would soon be made available as times goes on.

Any idea of the Total Costs or Tuition Fees for the Diploma Program

Details about the tuition fees for the diploma program would soon be made available. The finance team is working on this at the moment. The good news is that Lagos Archdiocesan Music Commission (LAMCOM) would provide 50% scholarships for participants who truly cannot afford the diploma program fees.
This gesture would be based on the participants’ commitments to lectures and ability to pass the examinations with higher grades. LAMCOM would also partner with its patrons, parishes and other bodies providing scholarships for music participants both home and abroad.

Do you have Qualified Lecturers for this Diploma Program

The coordinator of the diploma program, Rev. Fr. Peter Osuntope, is a Canada- trained musicologist with Master’s degree in Sacred Music (MSM). He is the director of Lagos Archdiocesan Music Commission (LAMCOM) working in conjunction with Lagos Archdiocesan Catholic Association of Musicians and Musicologists (LACAM). This music professional body is the teaching arm of LAMCOM. Majority of the members of this association has at least diploma certificates, music degrees and masters in the required courses of the diploma program. In addition, the coordinator is also working with many qualified priests and lay faithful with required degree certificates in theology, pastoral and liturgy.

Do you have a website for online forms or any other place of contact in case I have other questions not yet answered

Our website is in process. Our media technical team members are working day and night to ensure the website comes out as soon as possible. Hopefully, the website, emails and all media contact and chats would be out before the preparatory classes commence. For more details and further enquiries, kindly contact these numbers or send enquiries to their WhatsApp chats (same as the numbers). Calls are 24 hours especially for the coordinator:
● 08181919593 (Mr Benedict Okoekhian),
● 08062852271 (Ms Fatima Anyekema),
● 08067504883 (Ms Angela Izegbu),
● 09077175554 (Ms Juliet Akighir),
● 08023700587 (Rev. Fr. Peter Osuntope)